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TransCanada–Edelman studies on countering protests on the 'Energy East' Canadian pipeline

TransCanada, 05/08/2014

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Resource information:
Resource IDtcedelman2014
Resource titleTransCanada–Edelman studies on countering protests on the 'Energy East' Canadian pipeline
Publication/ sourceTransCanada
Date published05/08/2014
Summary text/ abstractThese five documents were leaked to Greenpeace from TransCanada. They outline, before the project was even announced, how TransCanada employed the public relations company Edelman to identify opponents and devise a media strategy to oppose any public protest on the project.
Library categoriesDirect Action & Protest, Hacktivism, Politics
Added to Free Range Library13/06/2015
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file iconEnergy East Pipeline: East Energy Campaign Organization [643.6 kilobytes]
The most effective way to counter any external challenge is to ready a robust campaign that comprises proactive and reactive communication activities. Borrowing a page from the modern political playbook, we recommend a three-track approach to build the necessary campaign infrastructure. This approach strives to neutralize risk before it is leveled, respond directly to issues or attacks as they arise, and apply pressure – intelligently – on opponents, as appropriate.

file iconEnergy East Pipeline: Grassroots Advocacy Vision Document [9.3 megabytes]
Edelman and TransCanada have agreed on a strategic communications plan designed to navigate the Energy East pipeline project through the new realities of designing, building and operating a major pipeline project in North America. TransCanada has recognized that under these conditions, success can no longer be achieved without proactive, sincere, and expansive public engagement that clearly demonstrates not only the merits of the project but also TransCanada's role as a leader in the energy industry.

file iconEnergy East Pipeline: Digital Grassroots Advocacy Plan [8.3 megabytes]
This plan, in conjunction with the Digital Grassroots Advocacy Vision document. details specifically how the grassroots effort will take shape and launch. Embedded in each of those steps are specific moments to closely plan and coordinate the grassroots program elements with key TransCanada stakeholders, including government relations, community relations and internal communications. Grassroots advocates require a tailored experience different than more traditional, information-presentation web experiences. Content will be specifically tailored to advocacy audiences, including clear calls to action and strong statements of support for the project and its benefits.

file iconEnergy East Pipeline: Strategic Plan: Quebec [8.2 megabytes]
Environmental NGOs, politically engaged Québec stars and other opposition groups have successfully deployed social media and other digital tools to deliver strong messages that resonate with the general public and apply significant pressure on decision makers. In order to navigate the Energy East project through these complex new realities, we have agreed to embrace a new communications approach with the express purpose of driving an active public discussion about Energy East that gives Québécois reason to affirmatively support the project in the face of organized opposition. By setting a new course in how we engage, the Energy East team has an opportunity to create a model for best engagement practices within TransCanada and position itself as the model for innovative communications within the Calgary oil and gas industry.

file iconEnergy East Pipeline: Research Synthesis [953 kilobytes]
Due to the abundance of natural resources in Canada and growing global demands, energy is a central issue of public debate among Canadians, The energy debate overall. and the oil sands development in Northern Alberta in particular, have historically created regional divides in Canadian public opinion While the majority of Albertans are supportive of oil sands development and transportation, public opinion in other provinces is widely ranging.

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