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Watchlisting Guidance

US National Counterterrorism Centre, March 2013

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Resource information:
Resource IDnctc2013
Resource titleWatchlisting Guidance
Author/sourceUS National Counterterrorism Centre
Date publishedMarch 2013
Summary text/ abstractThe current TERRORIST watchlisting process supports the U.S. Govemment's efforts to combat TERRORISM by: (1) consolidating the U.S. Govemment's Terrorist Watchlist in the TSDB; (2) helping SCREENERS and intelligence agencies accurately identify individuals on the Terrorist Watchlist; (3) providing SCREENERS with information to help them respond appropriately during ENCOUNTERS with KNOWN or SUSPECTED TERRORISTS; and, (4) subsequently collecting information about the KNOWN or SUSPECTED TERRORIST for use in assessing threats and conducting investigations. The collected information may be incorporated into the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) and TSDB to enhance the records of KNOWN or SUSPECTED TERRORISTS and may be made available to the wider watchlisting and screening communities. Today, the TSDB also includes information about certain foreign nationals who are associated with TERRORISM, TERRORIST ACTIVITY, or KNOWN or SUSPECTED TERRORIST(S) but for whom there is insufficient DEROGATORY INFORMATION to be independently watchlisted. This may include certain immediate family members of KNOWN or SUSPECTED TERRORISTS, or known associates of KNOWN or SUSPECTED TERRORISTS. These additional categories of records (also known as exceptions to the REASONABLE SUSPICION standard) are maintained to support immigration and screening activities primarily conducted by DOS and DHS.
Library categoriesAnarchism & Action, Cyberwar, Direct Action & Protest, Hacktivism, Peace
Added to Free Range Library04/09/2014
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