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An Agreement Of The Free People of England

The Levellers, 01/05/1649

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Resource information:
Resource IDlevellersagreement1649
Resource titleAn Agreement Of The Free People of England
Author(s)John Lilburne, William Walwyn, Thomas Prince, Richard Overton
Publication/ sourceThe Levellers
Date published01/05/1649
Summary text/ abstractAfter the long and tedious prosecution of a most unnaturall cruell, homebred war, occasioned by divisions and distempers amongst our selves, and those distempers arising from the uncertaintie of our Government, and the exercise of un-limited or Arbitrary power, by such as have been trusted with supreme and subordinate Authority, whereby multitudes of grevances and intolerable oppressions have been brought upon us. And finding after eight yeares experience and expectation all indeavours hitherto used, or remedies hitherto applyed, to have encreased rather than diminished our distractions, and that if not speedily prevented our falling againe into factions and divisions; will not only deprive us of the benefit of all those wonderful Victories God hath vouchsafed against such as fought our bondage, but expose us first to poverty and misery, and then to be destroyed by forraigne enemies.
Library categoriesAnarchism & Action, Politics
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