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Stranded Carbon Assets: Why and How Carbon Risks Should Be Incorporated in Investment Analysis

Generation Foundation, 30/10/2013

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Resource information:
Resource IDgenerationfoundation2014
Resource titleStranded Carbon Assets: Why and How Carbon Risks Should Be Incorporated in Investment Analysis
Author/sourceGeneration Foundation
Date published30/10/2013
Summary text/ abstractThis paper highlights the risks associated with investing in carbon-intensive assets, and explains why we feel strongly that the integration of carbon-risk assessment in the investment process is of greater relevance today than ever before. As the case for curbing carbon emissions continues to gain support on economic and scientific grounds, the commercial viability of carbon-intensive assets – particularly fossil fuels – will be increasingly threatened, creating stranded carbon assets. For the purposes of this paper, we define a stranded asset as an asset which loses significant economic value well ahead of its anticipated useful life, as a result of changes in legislation, regulation, market forces, disruptive innovation, societal norms, or environmental shocks.
Library categoriesClimate Change, Economics, Energy, Extr. Energy Economics, 'Limits to Growth', Peak Oil
Added to Free Range Library17/07/2014
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file iconStranded Carbon Assets: Why and How Carbon Risks Should Be Incorporated in Investment Analysis [1.1 megabytes]
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