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Preconceived Ideas About Mediated Information

The Media Revolution in America and in Western Europe, pp.95-107, 1985

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Resource information:
Resource IDellul1985
Resource titlePreconceived Ideas About Mediated Information
Author(s)Jacques Ellul
Publication/ sourceThe Media Revolution in America and in Western Europe, pp.95-107
Date published 1985
Summary text/ abstractHere Jacques Ellul discusses nine "preconceived ideas" that are commonly accepted by most media professionals and other intellectuals. The author comes down harshly against the new communication technologies, arguing in a humanistic vein that the resulting information overload is often dysfunctional for the individual and for society. Ellul has grave doubts about the high claims often made for computer-based information systems. Instead, he feels that the nature or human relationships, which cannot be transmitted effectively through mass media content, is the essential element in communication. Thus the world is not a global village nor can it become so through the new media. Instead, a deeper wedge is driven between the information-aristocrats and their plebeian masses. Everyone may not agree with the arguments that Professor Ellul presents here, but they will profit from considering them.
Library categoriesAnarchism & Action, Hacktivism, Neo-Luddism, Politics
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