Ideas for a Change

Ideas for a Change are a group of like-minded people in the Banbury area who are working to address the imminent changes to our "modern" lifestyle that will manifest themselves over the next few decades. You might hear a lot in the news about climate change, but this is just one of a number of equally problematic development trends – such as peak oil, minerals depletion, soil erosion and population – that will constrain the development of the human species in the future.

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Ideas/Films for a Change events

7.30pm (7.45 start), Thursday 30th April 2015 – Friends Meeting House, Horsefair, Banbury

Sell Off! – The Abolition of Your NHS
This documentary, produced and directed by Peter Bach, outlines how corporate interests rather than patient care is driving reform in today's NHS and will divert money away from YOU. And the media are failing to tell you this. With over a dozen NHS insiders as witnesses, the documentary the alarming story of how the health service as we know it has been quietly abolished. Almost without our noticing, it's been replaced by a system modelled on the US in which care is delivered by profit-maximising companies that charge patients for treatment which is anyway to be restricted and reduced.
Entry is free – donations welcome.

Ideas for a Change in North Oxfordshire

We organise two series of events in the Banbury area:

We don't run 'campaigns' as such – we tend to follow what interests those who work with the group direct us towards, and network with other people/groups to support those objectives. For example, the current push for shale gas and coalbed methane (aka. "fracking") in North Oxfordshire, and more recently underground coal gasification (UCG) in mid-Warwickshire. We've also organised an Alternative Banbury email list, so that local people can advertise similar events and network ideas locally.

Death by fossil fuels!We've been running these events in Banbury since late 2006; in fact, shortly before the crash of September 2008, we were hosting talks and films on how debt, high energy and commodity prices would derail the global economy. Many of the trends we're interested in have intuitively obvious effects on society, but from a political point of view this reality is far too controversial to act upon. Therefore it's up to us, as individuals, to begin to make the necessary transition within our own lives!

We hope that our efforts are able to help people realise this need for change, and suggest a few ideas of where to begin; hence the name we give to our events... Ideas for a Change.

For further information please email at ideas☮

The Alternative Banbury email list

It's a common complaint from small groups in Banbury; we're pretty poorly provided with support from the local media and institutions to publicise our work and events to the local populous. For that reason we've set up an email list – Alternative Banbury – so that we can share our own news, events and information directly.

Alternative Banbury is a list for people in "Banburyshire" (N. Oxfordshire, W. Buckinghamshire, S. Warwickshire and S. Northamptonshire) to share local knowledge, create and network local campaigns and action ideas, and publicise local meetings and educational/training events. The increasing commercialisation of local media is silencing alternative voices to mainstream culture; we want to create something to circumvent this block and allow grassroots culture to thrive.

The list is run from the Riseup activist server. To join you'll need to subscribe by either:

The list also has an on-line archive of past emails, so that you can catch-up on recent events from there – even if you've lost or mislaid previous emails.