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The Free Range Network is a “dysorganisation” of researchers and campaigners working as an informal collective, undertaking public interest research on the environmental and technological mechanisms of lifestyle change

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WEIRD – Thinking Beyond Technology:

Issue no.5, “Research for the End of Your 'Normal' Everyday Existence”
Mabon 2021

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Note: Breaking with our usual ‘no linking’ convention,
this edition of WEIRD, each of the article headings contains a list of the academic studies referenced in it
for you to download & read.

Introducing the science for the end of your 'normal' everyday existence.
☮ History file: Bill Devall – ‘The Deep Ecology Movement’
Published in 1980, this tract was the first to outline the split between ‘eco-reformers’ & ‘deep ecologists’.
“It's the economy, stoooopid!”
Environmentalism uses tech. as a sticking plaster; research says it’s affluence.
‘Are humans a virus?’
In these times of disruptive pandemic, it might be interesting to figure how all other life on Earth looks at us.
“...a felt need for increased efficiency”
The fatal flaw at the heart of the mainstream debate over efficiency and ecological impact – the ‘rebound effect’.
‘Consumption is a temporal illusion’
There is a religious zealotry amongst those who ‘worship’ technology; they will form a lobby resistant to change.
‘The Party is Over… Time to Clean-up’
Study after study has mapped the coming crash of human consumption. It’s time for the willing to make lifeboats.
‘The problem IS affluent society’
Ideas to solve the ecological crisis take industrial society as an ‘invariant factor’. It’s time to change that.
‘We must embrace in a new relationship with the land’
The only certain way to reduce global impacts is to re-establish that relationship to the land and natural systems.
☮ Numerical Ramblings: ‘The zombie pro-nuclear lobby’
Why do the advocates of nuclear power refuse to die, or at least see statistical reason?

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