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The Free Range Network is a “dysorganisation” of researchers and campaigners working as an informal collective, undertaking public interest research on the environmental and technological mechanisms of lifestyle change

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WEIRD – Thinking Beyond Technology:

Issue no.3, ‘Britain's Energy & Climate Crisis’
Samhain 2020

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☮ Introduction:
  ‘Britain's Energy & Climate Crisis’
Introducing this special third edition, investigating 'Britain's Energy & Climate Crisis', to demonstrate that neither side in this heated debate cares about statistical reality, or its deeper meaning.
☮ ‘Data shows the single most effective
  measure to reduce carbon emissions quickly is a
  global recession’
We start at the most controversial beginning; a truth locked within the data.
☮ An Energy History of Britain
The history of energy in Britain is a catalogue of failure, from decisions that ignore ecological reality.
☮ Home Energy Use: ‘Domesticity’ breeds confusion
The media focus on domestic energy; it doesn’t amount to much, and so distracts from other parts of the economy.
☮ Renewable energy: An ‘uncontested good’
Everyone loves renewable energy, don’t they?; but few really understand its contribution to energy supply.
☮ The scandal of the ‘green’ biofuels that damage the Earth
Calling it ‘renewable’ doesn’t make energy sources ‘ecologically’ sound.

☮ Has 'Green' gone wrong?: Shifting the debate on energy & climate change
‘Planet of the Humans’ caused a storm in green circles; their response actually accentuated the film’s arguments.
☮ Energy follows lifestyle: Where does it all go?
What the national energy statistics do not fully capture is lifestyle – and how lifestyle influences emissions.
☮ ‘Do you want to live, or do you want to watch Netflix? Yes, it really is that simple.’
Concluding the ‘energy special’, what can we understand about Britain from its energy data?

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