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This site is the home of the ‘Weaponising Big Data’ Project, a Free Range research project on the military and intelligence sites in Britain that are preparing for offensive cyberwarfare and automated state surveillance.

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17. GCHQ Bude

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Cornwall is where a number of submarine cables carrying data traffic from around the globe come ashore. GCHQ Bude operates as an outstation of GCHQ, monitoring the cables as well as satellite systems over the Atlantic. In addition to the British government, Bude also serves projects of the US National Security Agency.

About this site

Bude’s staff are drawn from GCHQ and the NSA, and the station is operated under the UKUSA/‘Five eyes’ agreement, gathering data for the ECHELON signals intelligence (SIGINT) network.

From its inception, the station has been an Anglo-American co-operative project. It was the United States National Security Agency (NSA) that paid for most of the infrastructure and the technology. The running costs, like payments for the staff, were paid by GCHQ, who also provided the land. The intelligence that was collected by the Bude satellite station was shared among NSA and GCHQ, and was also jointly processed.

Articles and reports on this site

☮ Guardian On-line – NSA pays £100m in secret funding for GCHQ, 1st August 2013
The US government has paid at least £100m to the UK spy agency GCHQ over the last three years to secure access to and influence over Britain's intelligence gathering programmes.
☮ Guardian On-line – BT & Vodafone among companies passing details to GCHQ, 2nd August 2013
Some of the world's leading telecoms firms, including BT and Vodafone, are secretly collaborating with Britain's spy agency GCHQ, and are passing on details of their customers' phone calls, email messages and Facebook entries, documents leaked by the whistleblower Edward Snowden show.