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Free Range Resources

One of the primary activities of the network is documenting what we do; if you don't record what you do, how can others share it?

Free Range Network Information/Publications:

Resources produced for The Green Gathering 2017:
The Green Gathering Handout, August 2017
    This is the handout accompanying this year's Free Range "Fracking Truth About..." stall at The Green Gathering.
• Green Gathering Workshop Article: Methane clathrate, 3rd August 2017
    Extreme Energy is a term which encompasses many different forms of ‘unconventional’ energy resources. From fracking, to tar sands, to some types of renewable energy which take more energy and carbon to produce than they save, these ‘extreme’ energy sources represent the last hope of the global energy corporations. Why this the case tells a much greater truth about the global commitment to address the issue of climate change.
Draft launch of the The 'Protestagram' Toolkit, August 2017
    In advance of the final launch this Autumn, the Free Range Network are taking their new "Protestagram' Toolkit" to the Green Gathering.
'Feral' Stick-Fire Cooking Grate', June 2017
The Free Range Network's "D-I-Y" project to build a stick fire grate – and avoid having to use fossil fuels to cook while camping or living outdoors.

'Historic' Free Range Publications:

The list below is an archive of the Free Range Network publications produced by Paul Mobbs is hosted in his Work Archive. The list below gives access to the Free Range Network handouts organised by series: