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This site provides documentation around the issue of ‘electronic smog’ – the growth in digital communications devices emitting high-frequency radio waves, such as 5G, wifi and mobile phones – and its impacts upon human health and the environment.

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Action Resources

This page lists information or resources for those wishing to work on the electrosmog issue.

Please note: Where a link is in blue that indicates the files is kept on this web site; if the link is in red then it is located on another, different site somewhere else. If you can't get the sfiles from other sites that’s not our ‘technical problem’, but if the link continues not to work please let us know so we can post a copy here.

Free Range Network, 5th August 2019

Why the Mobile Phone is Incompatible with an Ecological Lifestyle

A poster summary of the Free Range Network’s new ‘work-in-progress’ workshop/presentation being prepared for this Autumn – on the ecological footprint of mobile phones and why, from zero hours contracts to brain tumors, they are cannot be said to conform to any measure of an ecological/sustainable lifestyle.

When we’ve reviewed the feedback we’ll put up a new page that will provide access to all the background documentation, and explain in more detail, links between wireless/mobile devices and health. If you have any comments you can send them to esmog☮ (replacing '☮' with the appropriate symbol).