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This site provides documentation around the issue of ‘electronic smog’ – the growth in digital communications devices emitting high-frequency radio waves, such as 5G, wifi and mobile phones – and its impacts upon human health and the environment.

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About the ‘Electrosmog’ theme

In late 2015/early 2016 the Free Range Network set up a new area in its on-line library – ‘Electrosmog’. The previous few years of published research evidence on the effects of high-frequency electromagnetic energy on human health and ecology was becoming stronger, and was finding consistent effects. This was, it appeared, an issue that we should be focussing on as part of our ‘long-term’ strategy.

There’s been a long-standing interest in the issue of ‘electro-smog’ amongst participants of the Free Range Network since the 1990s.

This strengthened in the early 2000s with the introduction of wifi.

We had maintained an on-line archive of research papers related to EMFs and health since late 2015.

The imminent demise of the Free Range Library archive in 2018, however, gave us the opportunity to re-think our original strategy. That collection of papers from the ‘Electrosmog’ section of the Free Range Library now forms the Technical Reports & Studies section of the ‘Electrosmog’ theme.

It was the early release of evidence from the US NTP study, and the follow-up two months later from a similar Italian study (the Ramazzini Institute study), which made us decide we needed to produce something more in-depth on this issue. We began planning what to do in late 2017/early 2018.

There is well over a decade of scientific research suggesting the biological models that assess the health impacts of high-frequency electromagnetic forces (EMFs) on natural organisms are not only wrong; recent research demonstrates effects which existing scientific knowledge cannot currently offer explanations for. Documenting this lack of knowledge is the core of the ‘Electrosmog’ theme.

What are we doing?

As outlined on our introductory page, there's a problem we have to solve. Once that has been dealt with we will proceed.

At present we have a twenty-year archive of research evidence on EMFs and health. Our aim is to process that into produce:

  • A set of handouts and large format posters which will ‘digest’ the content of the available research into a set of “what we know” and “what we don’t know” issues – including suggestions on what people should think about doing right now.
  • In addition to the above, we will also be producing information on the wider effects of mobile phones and digital technologies, in particular their energy consumption and carbon emissions, and in particular the effects of mining and producing all the materials which go into these technologies – the effects of which are equally significant in terms of global ecology, and which are equally not widely discussed in public.
  • Finally, we will produce a more substantial ‘technical’ briefing, the purpose of which will be to put pressure on UK health and environmental regulators to act on these issues.

When these become available they will be posted on our ‘resources’ page.