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This site provides documentation around the issue of ‘electronic smog’ – the growth in digital communications devices emitting high-frequency radio waves, such as 5G, wifi and mobile phones – and its impacts upon human health and the environment.

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What if people’s love of wireless technology turned out to be the ‘asbestos’ of the Twenty-First Century? There is well over a decade of scientific research suggesting the biological models used to assess the health impacts of high-frequency electromagnetic forces (EMFs) on natural organisms are not only wrong; and that recent research demonstrates effects which existing science cannot currently offer explanations for. Documenting this lack of knowledge is the core of the ‘Electrosmog’ theme.

Firstly, there's a problem we need to solve

There’s been a long-standing interest in the issue of ‘electrosmog’ amongst participants of the Free Range Network since the 1990s. This strengthened in the early 2000s with the introduction of wifi.

The early release of evidence from the US NTP study, and the follow-up two months later from a similar Italian study (the Ramazzini Institute study), made us decide that we needed something more substantial. For us, right now, the ‘electrosmog’ issue is in the same place where the ‘fracking’ issue was when we started working on that back in 2009.

We began planning what to do in late 2017/early 2018. By mid-2018 we had drafted some new materials. We intended to finalise them for publication in late 2018.

Then a major problem emerged.

There was a vociferous ‘conspiracy-led’ campaign about this issue, focussing on the roll-out of 5G, which was over-blowing and distorting the available research for its own ends.

It is led by people who are largely ‘anti-environmental’ in their politics, deny any science (particularly climate science) which they do not agree with the conclusions of, and are distinctly pro-aggression and hate speech in the way they promote their cause. They have been berating anyone who questions their sincerity. More problematically, because they noisily push their agenda in the media without dissent from others in the movement, everyone who talks about this issue is now assumed to be part of their conspiratorial agenda.

We delayed launching our research:

Whatever we put into the public domain right now would be viewed in the frame of what these conspiracy-merchants say, not the research evidence upon which we base out work.

To us these groups appear to be a classic ‘astroturf’ operation, setting out to discredit any rational debate on the research into public health and EMFs – primarily in order to promote their populist, ‘alternative facts’ anti-environmental agenda.

We will be saying something more formal on this matter soon.