The Free Range ‘Fracking Truth’ stall,
Green Gathering, 2016

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‘The Fracking Truth’

The ‘Fracking Truth about Energy’ is the Free Range Network’s presentation on Britain's energy system – not the particular small piece one particular lobby or another wishes you to see, but the raw statistical data presented in a way where you can see the whole thing, end-to-end.

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‘The Fracking Truth about Energy’ is the Free Range Network’s presentation/information on Britain's energy system. This page focusses on the graphs and visualisations of the data that we produce each year, and makes them available to download.

Free Range Network, 5th August 2019:

The Green Gathering, 2019

Back once again from this year's Green Gathering, and we have put up this listing all the poster presentations from the Free Range Network’s ‘Fracking Truth’ stall. These are the ‘working drafts’.

Final versions will be made available in the Autumn after we have considered feedback from the public on their content – each with its own page, complete with background sources/documentation. If you have any comments you can send them to energy☮ (replacing '☮' with the appropriate symbol).