The Free Range Network's “Fracking Truth”
stall at the Green Gathering, 2014

The Free Range Network

The Free Range Network is a “dysorganisation” of researchers and campaigners working as an informal collective, undertaking public interest research on the environmental and technological mechanisms of lifestyle change

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The Free Range Archive

The Network has been working together for twenty-five years. In that time issues have come and gone, events have happened, and most importantly ‘fun’ has been had and shared! Not everything we produce is worth keeping on-line, nor is it worth deleting the moment we finish using it. Just because we have no use doesn’t mean that others could not use it. That is the purpose of the Free Range Archive; a home for all the stuff we no longer have a use for.

At present we're still deciding which parts of our old web site are worth keeping. Once that process is complete we’ll post any of our old work that still has practical value here.