‘The Protestagram’

‘The Protestagram’ is an A2/A3 wall poster depicting a flow chart that guides activists through different aspects of the law. Though initially created for the anti-fracking movement, the poster has been used by anti-militarism and Extinction Rebellion groups since its publication – and may be freely downloaded and printed-off by any non-profit campaign.

‘The Protestagram’, 2017
The first version of ‘The Protestagram’, 2017.
You can also download ‘The Protestagram’ as a 4,960x3,500 pixel PNG image.

Starting at the centre, the ‘mode’ and ‘location’ of the action are selected. Following the coloured lines, you are led to different areas of the law affecting that location/action.

By answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to questions you are guided through a very basic interpretation of the current laws on public protest. Additional information is given to help you answer these questions.

Ending with a smiley face means you’re likely to be OK; a frowney face means that you risk arrest and prosecution.

Our present predicament is the government’s latest crack-down on many forms of dissent. It creates such a step-change in the legal framework, seemingly on-line as well as in real life, that it invalidates the entire poster and the way it presents the legal process.

In the interim, rather than remove it and lose its value altogether, we have labelled ‘The Protestagram’ as being ‘Out of Date’. It is usable, but once the Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Bill is passed and commenced, many elements of the poster will no longer be valid. We will try and update it as quickly as possible once the secondary legislation, and the all-important codes of practice/CPS prosecution guides have been published.

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