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croughton 2016 image 7

Croughton March & Peace Festival,
1st October 2016

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It rained!, at times torrentially; but that didn't dampen people's spirit to highlight the role of USAF Croughton in controlling drones, co-ordinating the USA's mass surveillance operations, and the prosecution of unlawful wars in support of the USA's political aims.

croughton 2016 image 1
Setting up as the rain gathers pace.

Unfortunately the rain, and carrying placards, interrupted getting some good shots of the march. After walking the mile or so along the road, with police accompanyment on the road and shadowed inside the perimeter fence by US security, we arrived at the main gate for our rally.

This year was special. As part of Keep Space for Peace Week we were holding simultaenous demonstrations as Croughton in Northamptonshire and Fylingdales in North Yorkshire.

croughton 2016 image 2
Everyone squeezes inside the tea tents as the speeches and the torrential rain begins.

croughton 2016 image 3
The fence is decorated – though less photogenic than usual as the two "gate guard" fighter jets had been removed a few days before our arrival.

croughton 2016 image 4
The sun and blue skies arrive for Lindis Percy to talk about her recent legal adventures at NSA Menwith Hill.

croughton 2016 image 5
Then after the serious discussions, theatre and games, and then home.

croughton 2016 image 6

croughton 2016 image 9 the meantime, dark clouds gather over the US government's "kill chain" communications complex.

croughton 2016 image 8

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