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USAF Croughton – Keep Space for Peace 2018

USAF Croughton is about to undergo one of the biggest redevelopments since it was constructed by the USAF almost 70 years ago. The new "Joint Intelligence Analysis Complex" will put the site at the heart of a web of military and intelligence networks stretching from the USA to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. However, given the nature of the operations this will involve, the question arises as to whether the development is lawful under International Law.

Ahead of the march and rally at USAF Croughton on 6th October 2017, this short video has been produced to explain the issues behind the operation of Croughton today; and, as part of the new JIAC development, the site's increased involvement in the mass surveillance of society, the use of armed drones, and the use special forces for alleged "counter-terror" operations, in North Africa and the Middle East.

What the USA and NATO enable and support through Croughton is, quite simply, 'state terror'. Outside of identified war zones, what the US and its NATO allies are doing in the regions affected by the operation of Croughton is an abuse of people's human rights, and arguably a violation of International Law.

It's time to confront the "terrorists" in our own back yard!

You can download this video by "right-clicking" on the links below as selecting 'Save As'. Two file formats are available:

Note also that the video is edited as a seamless loop – if you download the file, and select 'loop' or 'repeat' on your media player, you can play it as an animated information display on a computer screen.


The following resources were used in the making of this video:

This video was produced and edited using only Linux and free software systems