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Paul Mobbs: The Global Military
Infrastructure and You

As part of the Global Network's annual conference in Oxford, Paul Mobbs gave a presentation (hosted on YouTube) on military infrastructure and the 'brave new world' of data fusion.

New report on JIAC development
The new Croughtonwatch report – USAF Croughton, Networked Warfare, and the Intelligence-Fusion Complex – details the past, present and future of the USAF Croughton site, and in particular its forthcoming role in 'intelligence fusion' operations.

March & Rally:
Keep Space for Peace 2018
– Noon-4pm, 6th October

This new video presents the background to annual march and rally USAF Croughton – taking place this year from Noon-4pm, Saturday 6th October 2018.

Video: 'Keep Space for Peace', part 2 – USAF Croughton
USAF Croughton is about to undergo a large upgrade to extend its mission. That means not just continuing its existing involvement in various activities which violate international law and the Laws of War; it will intensify them.

Video: 'Keep Space for Peace', part 1 – NSA Menwith Hill
A trip to NSA Menwith Hill. It's possible to say many things about this site, but what concerns me is something relatively simple. Who is accountable for the acts carried out within the perimeter fence?

This site is devoted to USAF Croughton (and its outstation, Barford St. John), the USA's communications and combat support base on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Croughton is part of a global system of electronic communications, control and surveillance that works on behalf of the US military and intelligence establishment; it is an active part of both US foreign policy, and the projection of American military power across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

This site brings together information about what Croughton is/does, those working to highlight its role in conflict and the use of advanced surveillance and weapons technology, and recent reports/articles which highlight the role of Croughton.

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'Croughtonwatch' is part of the Free Range Activism Website.

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Latest Events and Media Reports:

☮ Croughtonwatch: USAF Croughton, Networked Warfare, and the Intelligence-Fusion Complex, June 2018
How digital networks, data, and artificial intelligence are blurring the boundaries between military, political and civil conflict. There's also a short YouTube video outlining the information contained in the handout here: The Global Military Infrastructure and You, June 2018
☮ The Intercept: The Wiretap Rooms – The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities, 25th June 2018
The secrets are hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the United States, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers and fortress-like concrete structures that were built to withstand earthquakes and even nuclear attack. Thousands of people pass by the buildings each day and rarely give them a second glance, because their function is not publicly known. They are an integral part of one of the world’s largest telecommunications networks – and they are also linked to a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program.
☮ New York Times: Pentagon Puts Cyberwarriors on the Offensive, Increasing the Risk of Conflict, 17th June 2018
The Pentagon has quietly empowered the United States Cyber Command to take a far more aggressive approach to defending the nation against cyberattacks, a shift in strategy that could increase the risk of conflict with the foreign states that sponsor malicious hacking groups.
☮ All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones: U.S. Host Nation Notification Tribunal Judgment Released, 15th May 2018
"Previous attempts to obtain information on the activities, protocols and safeguarding processes in place at the base have proved unsuccessful. The purpose of filing the Freedom of Information Request was to address concerns about the plans and uses of the base, and more broadly, shed light on the relationship between the U.S. and UK in relation to U.S. bases on UK soil."
☮ US European Command: Posture Statement 2018, March 2018
…Europe provides essential strategic access in support of U.S. global operations to protect the homeland and the ability to pursue potential threats to their source. As our most significant trading partner, Europe is vital to promoting American prosperity. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) enables us to preserve peace through strength as alliance unity fundamentally deters the aggression of potential adversaries. With shared history and values, Europe is also a critical partner in advancing American influence throughout the world.
☮ APPG on Drones: U.S. Host Nation Notification Tribunal Judgment Released, 15th May 2018
The All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones went to the First Tier Information Tribunal seeking information about the planned large scale expansion of a United States military and intelligence base at RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire. The appeal was dismissed. The Tribunal did confirm that the US government’s notification to the UK government about the expansion of the Croughton facility did not address any of the concerns raised about the scale and purpose of the base’s expansion.
☮ Amnesty International UK: Drones – call for 'full public inquiry' into UK's secret involvement in US attacks
Four RAF bases in Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire heavily implicated in deadly US drone attacks. Highly secretive drones programme has already killed hundreds of civilians and is set to be expanded under Trump
☮ Chatham House: ‘Excessive Secrecy’ – The US Drone Programme, 28th September 2017
The authors of a recent report, Out of the Shadows, talk to Thomas Farrar about the ambiguity of international law, the US drone programme's impact on civilians, and the need for greater government transparency. The report, Out of the Shadows, is available on-line.
☮ Bury Free Press: USAF postpones RAF Mildenhall closure, Tuesday 26th September 2017
"Accordingly, instead of 2022, MoD has been advised that the full divestitures of RAF Mildenhall and RAF Alconbury/Molesworth will now occur no earlier than 2024. The revised dates are due to delays in commencing project design and construction for the move of assets from RAF Mildenhall to Germany, and are dependent on the completion of the Joint Intelligence Analysis Center (JIAC) at RAF Croughton."
☮ Realmedia: New Warfare & Transparency, 18th September 2017
An interview with drones campaigner Chris Cole about the current state of the technology, the march to lethal autonomous warfare, and the absolute secrecy and lack of democratic scrutiny around the developing drone programme.