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This page lists the contact points for the Free Range Activism Website, Paul Mobbs and the Free Range Network

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FRAW is not really interactive – it’s primarily a repository of files that we make freely available to the public. However, should you wish to get in touch with, FRAW, Paul Mobbs, or the Free Range Network, here's how to do it.

Our only contact is via email. If you wish to send something 'physical' via the post, or get in touch via phone, you'll have to email first. To get in touch with FRAW/the Free Range Network use the email addresses below.

As the Free Range Network/FRAW is a voluntary network we can’t guarantee a reply!

Note, in the list above please replace '☮' with the '@' symbol. The '@' symbols has been replaced so that we don't receive humongous amounts of spam

BTW (as we get asked!): Want to use the '☮' in your web pages too?
All you have to do is represent it in the appropriate location using the unicode character ☮