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Blackberrying by the first Autumnal new crescent moon

A busy day, with so many twists and turns, my much-desired walk takes place in the gloom of dusk

Ramblinactivist's videos – 2019/02,
Sunday 1st September 2019

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I’d been given some wind-fall pairs; it seemed an obvious plan to try one of the blackberry-picking sites I’d scouted on recent walks to stew them with in a pie. More importantly though, with the first new moon of the Autumn, I wanted to cook-up something I hadn’t tried in a long time: a video.

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1st September 2019

Almost there!

Since going blind last November, and surgery and an awful lot of time recovering, things are almost back to normal.


I’ve one last challenge to try on my progressive path towards my new extant reality: To make a video.

The problem isn’t just my restrictions on using a computer these days. The problem has been that since last November my “mind’s eye” has changed along with my literal vision. Though I see things every so perceptibly differently now, I’m also “seeing” them differently too.

That challenge also, to capture a moment that in itself is rather difficult to capture – at dusk, with the light fading, and a cacophony of screeching tawny owls amidst the noise of passing road traffic and aeroplanes.

So, this is short, but a perfect reflection of the moment. Now I know I can do the basic process with the camera and computer, it’s time to do something a little more ambitious.